You are currently viewing This Is cloudfusion which uses multiple apps and over 20 software & services to run its online business.

This Is cloudfusion which uses multiple apps and over 20 software & services to run its online business.

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cloudfusion Customers’ Only Exclusive Founder Special Limited Time Off The “Old Way” Of Building Your Online Business Must purchase multiple apps and spend time managing them Most business owners use over 20 software & services to run their online businesses.

Information overload & complex technical stuff
You need to learn multiple apps resulting in information overload and confusion. You are also expected to have the technical knowledge to use these apps.

Apps can work slowly and it can be difficult to connect one with another.
Is your online business duct-taped together with different software? Connecting all these apps is difficult, and you lose important data, intelligence and output that slows your growth.

What if you could transform your business with a single app?
Never waste your time, money, and energy again dealing with multiple apps. Invest that time and energy to do more business and
bring more growth from a single platform.


Say Hello to OPPYO
OPPYO is more than just building funnels and landing pages, websites, and sending emails. With OPPYO, everything lives in one place, so you can get started quickly and build more, sell more, and grow more online.


With OPPYO, Online Business Is Redefined
Save More

Everything you need,
all in one place.
OPPYO’s all-in-one integrated platform helps you start, manage, and grow your entire online business from one place. Save your time, money, and energy and do more business online.

Bring More

At Every Stage Of the Customer Lifecycle
OPPYO brings you Fortune 500 Companies’ growth strategy and technology in an easy way to get you more conversions, more sales, and more growth.


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Easy Platform with
Top-Notch Support
OPPYO is made for business owners like yourself and is very easy to use. Our 24*7 support team is available to answer your questions, & our FREE training will help you get started quickly & easily.

Also, If You Upgrade To The OPPYO
One-Time Deal Today


As soon as you join OPPYO, you become a Founding Member AND automatically become an affiliate.

Just let people know about OPPYO, and you will receive 50% commissions on all your referrals FOREVER! (Usually 30%)

We will do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the revenue.

Upgrade now to earn more from each referral.

Lifetime Deal
This Is CloudFusion Customers’ Only Exclusive Founder Special Limited Time Offer! Grab It Now!

Now that is one heck of an investment, isn’t it…?
OPPYO is unrivaled in its offerings. With the special One-Time Founders’ Deal, you get access to 20+ premium OPPYO Apps at UNMATCHED one-time pricing of $997 only.

Upgrade to OPPYO
(Grab a limited one-Time Deal!)
(Use Coupon Code “CLOUD300” for an Additional $300 Discount on One time Deal)
OPPYO Monthly
$ 77 MONTH
Billed monthly
Buy Now
OPPYO One-Time
$ 997 ONE-TIME
Save $49,878 | Get 70% Discount
Buy Now
OPPYO 3 Installments
$ 267 MONTH
Billed monthly for 3 months
Buy Now
Build Your Online Business
Unlimited Visits & Leads
Unlimited Contacts
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Landing Pages
400 Mobile Ready Templates
Send 300,000 emails/per month
Unlimited Team Members
Priority Support Via Call, Chat, Email & Tickets
Grow Your Business
Advanced Business Website
Advanced Membership Sites
Create & Sell Unlimited Products
0% fee on sales (Limited Time)
Cross-Sell, Upsell, Offers & Coupon
Unlimited Landing Pages
Unlimited Email Campaigns
Host Up To 100 Videos
Unlimited Pop-Ups, Bars & Notification Boxes
Unlimited Funnels/Customer Journey (All Types)
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Audience Management
Unlimited Audience Segments
Upload Contacts
A/B Test for Pages, Emails, and Popups
Dynamics Popups
Video Playlist
Audience Journey Details With Timeline
Other Features
Advanced MyDrive
Remove our logo from emails & Add Your Logo on videos
50 GB of storage and 200 GB of bandwidth per month
Double commission for OPPYO Affiliate program
OPPYO Agency
40+ Integrations with Advanced integrations API
Founder’s Special – Quick start bonuses 1 free custom domain, 1 logo creation, and your first online business & marketing campaign setup assistance from Team OPPYO
Founders Only Access to Upcoming Apps Advanced Cart, Affiliate Manager, Auto Webinars, SMS, Blog, HelpDesk, Course Builder, Appointments, Calendar, Ecommerce, Survey, OPPYO Marketplace, & More…

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by an All-In-One Growth Platform?

All-In-One Growth Platform is an integrated marketing solution that contains all the tools and training to help you build and grow your business. These tools include but are not limited to, landing page and website builders, email automation, video hosting and player, customer journeys/funnels, etc.


OPPYO is the first-of-its-kind All-In-One Growth Platform.

Why This Crazy LOW Pricing?

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Great deals come rarely, and we want to see you succeed with us.
Therefore, we want your support to make this a reality, and, in turn, especially since this is still in BETA, we want to save you a huge amount of money, time, and effort.
OPPYO has been used and thoroughly tested by more than 27,400 entrepreneurs like yourself over the last 15 months. Yes, we are still in beta, as we are continuously adding new apps and solutions. Our team of more than 40 full-time and in-house developers is working round the clock to get OPPYO fully loaded. More and more features and tools are being released every month, so we need your support in using them, testing them, and improving them by suggesting features, while we, in turn, help you save tons of time and money.

to join OPPYO at the ground level, by becoming a FOUNDING member, taking advantage of the One-Time founder’s DEAL, and getting access to all the features OPPYO has to offer now, as well as in the future.

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